Top Fashion Fitness Trends for 2017

fashion trends 2017

You may never think too hard about what to wear when you are going to the gym. But, believe it or not, it doesn’t matter if you are working out in a gym or a park, wearing the right clothes can have a huge impact on your fitness performance.

Being fashionable in the gym has acted as a very solid motivation for people to get up from their couches and train hard for that body. If you have been recklessly choosing your gym clothes up until now, it is time to give your active wear an upgrade.

Here are some popular 2017 fitness trends that will give you more reasons to be energetic this year.

  • Yoga essentials

fashion trends 2017Yoga is big in 2017 as more and more people find solace in this ancient practice of wholesome exercising. A good yoga session can work up all those muscles and make you feel like you have done some serious work, just like you feel after a 20-min treadmill run. Picking clothes for your yoga class means that you need to choose something that gives your body agility and makes you feel confident all the same. So think of leggings or body suits for your yoga classes. There are all kinds of styles and designs available these days. You can pick from the famous tropical prints or choose other mindful designs, whatever gets you on the mat! You can also consider buying unitards that give you graceful range of motion and also the needed comfort for your yoga session.

  • At-home cardio

Parks and gyms are not your scene? Don’t worry! These days all you need to do is download an app and you can have your very own sweat sessions at home. Digital workout has become a thing these days, one less reason for you to skip workout, that is lack of time. However, working out at home doesn’t mean you can wear just about anything. The principles of fitness clothing remain unchanged, no matter where you work out. In fact, since you are exercising in the privacy of your home, you can choose an even wackier outfit to perk things up and make it interesting. Take out your bright sports bra and stylishly printed leggings and get ready for an intense sweat session. You can tie your hair in those cute little pigtails to tone it down a little.

  • Mindful workout

Mindfulness seems to be the buzzword for 2017. It is all about finding the right connection between your body and mind to help you gain holistic wellbeing. It doesn’t matter what form of exercise you choose. It can be yoga, meditation or a nature walk, but mindful exercising will help you achieve that peace of mind you need in a stress induced world we live in. Some of these exercises are geared towards increasing your physical performance, improving core strength, enhancing flexibility and improved body control. Since you will barely break a sweat in these kind of workouts, the best clothes to wear is soft t-shirts and simple kick-ins that you can wear all day long.

  • Cycling to work

This is becoming an increasingly popular way among millennial to work a sweat and lose weight without spending a lot of money. All you need for your cycling-to-work gear is a bag that fits snugly on your body and keeps your hands free, a pair of shoes that give you just the right traction and well-fitted clothes that do not get stuck in the gears. You can change your workout clothing based on the climate. Choose light layers for summers, windproof jackets for monsoons, sweats for winters, so on and so forth.

  • Swimming gear

Workout in water is such a fun and quick way to torch all those pesky calories. We are not talking about swimming but something like water aerobics that burns more calories and is still more enjoyable. There are incredible benefits of swimming exercising underwater that has the potential to serve as a fitness staple for 2017. So what do you need for your water-fitness routine? Just get some high quality swim joggers and stylish one-piece suit to spice up your underwater workout session.


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