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Here is Why Choosing the Right Workout Clothing is so Important

Did you know that the clothing you choose for your workout has a huge impact on your success in the gym? We often make the mistake of not investing in the right gym/sports outfit for the fear that it will get ruined by sweat. After all fitness clothing can be expensive! However, did you ever think why your gym clothing costs as much it does? It is because your sportswear is geared towards enhancing performance during sports and workout.

Let us discuss important reasons why choosing high quality sports apparel is important for your fitness routine.

  • Feel the confidence to look good

Workout wearHave you ever felt the surge of confidence when you dress sharply and it inadvertently affects your performance in the boardroom? Apply the same logic to your fitness wear as well. The clothing you wear can have a huge difference to how you perform and that is applicable in every walk of life. According to studies, wearing the right clothes always has a positive effect on your mind and cognitive abilities. You can extend this logic into your fitness clothing as well.  Wearing well fitted and stylish gym/sportswear will make your workout sessions more impactful. Moreover, if you feel look great, chances are you will act the same way too!

  • It gives the right support

Gym/sportswear is not only designed to give you a boost of self confidence but also to support your body during the game or workout session. It is important to wear good quality clothing suitable for respective exercise and/or sports because it gives your body full range of motion. It also provides balance that is necessary to enhance performance and prevent injuries.

  • Designed to heighten performance

Sometimes when you wear regular t-shirts for your morning run, it is unable to wick the moisture away. As a result, your jog not only uncomfortable but also prevents you from working out longer. Non-breathable fabric can stop your body from releasing heat, causing discomfort during exercising. This is why workout t-shirts are made of 100% cotton that are capable of absorbing sweat. Workout clothing should be such that wicks sweat away from your body.

  • Helps prevent injuries

One of the leading causes of sports related injuries is ill-fitted clothing or poor quality gear. For instance, wearing gloves at the gym is necessary to prevent formation of calluses on your palms, same is with rock climbing. Workout/sports gear is designed in such a way that helps provide adequate support to your body and avoids injuries. Good sport shoes can cushion your feet and reduce the impact of your steps on a hard ground. Needless to say, wearing improper shoes or other fitness gear can expose you to the risk of injuries. Standard says that you should change your running shoes after every 400-500 miles.

When you are working out, the last thing you want to worry about is loose clothing, ill-fitted shoes, excessive perspiration etc. If you are serious about fitness, you should consider investing in some good quality clothing to get the best results for your efforts.

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fashion trends 2017

Top Fashion Fitness Trends for 2017

You may never think too hard about what to wear when you are going to the gym. But, believe it or not, it doesn’t matter if you are working out in a gym or a park, wearing the right clothes can have a huge impact on your fitness performance.

Being fashionable in the gym has acted as a very solid motivation for people to get up from their couches and train hard for that body. If you have been recklessly choosing your gym clothes up until now, it is time to give your active wear an upgrade.

Here are some popular 2017 fitness trends that will give you more reasons to be energetic this year.

  • Yoga essentials

fashion trends 2017Yoga is big in 2017 as more and more people find solace in this ancient practice of wholesome exercising. A good yoga session can work up all those muscles and make you feel like you have done some serious work, just like you feel after a 20-min treadmill run. Picking clothes for your yoga class means that you need to choose something that gives your body agility and makes you feel confident all the same. So think of leggings or body suits for your yoga classes. There are all kinds of styles and designs available these days. You can pick from the famous tropical prints or choose other mindful designs, whatever gets you on the mat! You can also consider buying unitards that give you graceful range of motion and also the needed comfort for your yoga session.

  • At-home cardio

Parks and gyms are not your scene? Don’t worry! These days all you need to do is download an app and you can have your very own sweat sessions at home. Digital workout has become a thing these days, one less reason for you to skip workout, that is lack of time. However, working out at home doesn’t mean you can wear just about anything. The principles of fitness clothing remain unchanged, no matter where you work out. In fact, since you are exercising in the privacy of your home, you can choose an even wackier outfit to perk things up and make it interesting. Take out your bright sports bra and stylishly printed leggings and get ready for an intense sweat session. You can tie your hair in those cute little pigtails to tone it down a little.

  • Mindful workout

Mindfulness seems to be the buzzword for 2017. It is all about finding the right connection between your body and mind to help you gain holistic wellbeing. It doesn’t matter what form of exercise you choose. It can be yoga, meditation or a nature walk, but mindful exercising will help you achieve that peace of mind you need in a stress induced world we live in. Some of these exercises are geared towards increasing your physical performance, improving core strength, enhancing flexibility and improved body control. Since you will barely break a sweat in these kind of workouts, the best clothes to wear is soft t-shirts and simple kick-ins that you can wear all day long.

  • Cycling to work

This is becoming an increasingly popular way among millennial to work a sweat and lose weight without spending a lot of money. All you need for your cycling-to-work gear is a bag that fits snugly on your body and keeps your hands free, a pair of shoes that give you just the right traction and well-fitted clothes that do not get stuck in the gears. You can change your workout clothing based on the climate. Choose light layers for summers, windproof jackets for monsoons, sweats for winters, so on and so forth.

  • Swimming gear

Workout in water is such a fun and quick way to torch all those pesky calories. We are not talking about swimming but something like water aerobics that burns more calories and is still more enjoyable. There are incredible benefits of swimming exercising underwater that has the potential to serve as a fitness staple for 2017. So what do you need for your water-fitness routine? Just get some high quality swim joggers and stylish one-piece suit to spice up your underwater workout session.


how fashion effects fitness

Here Is How Fashion Affects Fitness

Fashion and fitness go hand in hand, the fact that is now more apparent than ever. The increased awareness about healthy lifestyle and more consciousness about the way we look has made people more fitness-forward.

how fashion effects fitnessDid you know that the clothing you wear has a huge influence on the way you behave and perceive things? Active wear is not something you wear to the gym anymore. It has found inroads into fashion wear and has become a style staple for many women for the simple reason that it makes them feel fit and healthier. Imagine how you feel when you wear a sexy black dress? Apply the same feeling to fashionable fitness clothing as well. Think about it, if you are wearing workout clothing does not make you feel comfortable, it will probably have the same sluggish effect on your workout session as well. If you want to feel your best on the bench press, you need to dress for it!

Science has proven yet again that when you wear fitness clothes that make you feel the part, you are much likelier to get up and get moving. So if you are looking for that extra push to get you out the doors, invest in some stylish exercising outfits that will get you in the active mood.

Still wondering where exactly fashion and fitness meet and what does it mean for your fitness routines? Let these reasons explain how being stylish in the gym affects effectiveness of your workouts.

  • What you wear affects not only how you feel but also what you do

According to recent studies, “enclothed cognition” is the term they use to explain the influence of clothing on our overall psychology. This holds especially true in case of fitness. This means that whenever you put on sports clothing, you will not only perform but actually perform better. Looking athletic plays a huge role in actually being athletic.

  • Sports clothing helps you get more active

Sometimes we need a lot of motivation for moving from our couch and into our running shoes. Your clothing can help you cover that distance more effortlessly. As soon as you wear your training clothes, you get into the workout mode. Once your mind is prepared for the hard work, your body will follow suit. This actually brings you much closer to your fitness goals than you think.

  • What we wear reflects our lifestyle

Did you know that your clothes are a mirror into your life? The more people wear their fitness clothes, they more active they will be. Living a healthy lifestyle makes one feel proud and they love to show it by dressing up that way. So if you wear fitness clothes even when you are not working out, it makes you feel athletic and fit. If you feel sporty because of your outfit, chances are you will be one too.

In a nutshell, it is easy to conclude that what you wear does matter and more so if it is active wear. It does have a certain kind of impact, especially if you are someone who needs extra push to get something done. Wearing the right set of clothes is just the motivation you need to get up and go!



Benefits of Microfiber Cooling Towels

Benefits of Microfiber Cooling Towels

Now that the temperature is going to soar with every passing day, we often find a reason to not hit the tracks or go to the gym everyday. The summer heat is almost too unbearable as it is and to top it off, the thought of working out can leave the best of us discouraged. Not only that, lack of proper preventive measures and exposure to excessive heat can also result in heat-related sickness.

Benefits of Microfiber Cooling TowelsDuring workout, our body releases a lot of heat. In order to regulate that temperature, our body sweats profusely. If you are under intense heat stress, you are not only easily fatigued but can also lead to under-performance in the gym or during sports, affecting your endurance in general.

There are many ways to cool your body down safely when your body is flushing from sweat. The most efficient method used by gym-goers and athletes to cool down their bodies after a heat session is to use a microfiber cooling towel that is not only effective but also inexpensive. Microfiber cooling products such as neckbands, towels, bandannas etc. use a special kind of fabric that can hold water better than regular towels. Since they are also incredibly soft to touch, this makes them a popular choice amongst athletes. It is very easy to activate their cooling mechanism by dipping in cool water.

Here are some benefits of using a cooling towels for your workout session:

  • Microfiber cooling towels use highly evaporative technology that is capable of retaining its cool temperature and provide instant relief to an over-heated body. The technology used in these towels allow the fabric to absorb moisture and sweat and activate the cooling system to offer prolonged refreshing effect.Benefits of Microfiber Cooling Towels
  • When your body releases excessive heat and sweat, it makes you feel dizzy and dehydrated due to loss of water. However, with the cooling effect of a microfiber cooling towel, its thermo-regulation helps your body cool down and allows you to perform better in the field or in a gym. For many athletes and gym-goers, the use of cooling towels has helped them improve their performance.
  • The cooling towel is designed in such a way that it stays dry to touch but is still cool as its strong fabric holds the moisture in. You can just wrap it around your neck to let the fabric absorb the moisture as it keeps you and the towel cool.
  • These low maintenance cooling towels are a workout must-have as they are easily machine washed and made for long term use.

While cooling towel does a great job in keeping the athletes and exercisers cool during their sweat sessions, it is also important to stay well hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. You should drink at least 2 cups water after every hour. Dress lightly if you are going to indulge in high-intensive physical activity. If you feel dizzy due to heat or extremely fatigued, be sure to seek medical attention immediately.

outdoor run fashion

Top Fashionable Picks for your Outdoor Run

Not everyone is a gym rat and it is not for everyone to enjoy running on a treadmill. As the summers are here, running outdoors is more enjoyable for some people. It is fun to find new trails, run on different paths every morning and explore new areas in your community to make your workout more versatile. Running on a treadmill can be boring and can be one of the reasons why you do not stick to your daily workout routine.

Choosing to run outdoors is a great step towards making your workout interesting. However, there is another thing that can make your outdoor workout more fun, choosing the right fashionable fitness clothing! There is nothing more exciting than mixing and matching your exercise outfit. However, your workout clothing should not only be stylish but also comfortable and functional.

Wondering what to wear for your morning runs? Here are some top fashionable picks for 2017.

Patterned tights

There are many popular sports brands that have introduced stylish patterns to suit your outdoor run. They fit snugly and stay put as you run in the park or pound the sidewalks. These super-stretchy comfort fit leggings are designed to absorb sweat and provide your legs the extra ventilation with their mesh panels. You can also find plenty of styles that come equipped with zip pockets so that you can store your change or keys as you go for the jog. Choose the color that complements your skin tone and get ready to take the running tracks by storm.

Lightweight jacket

outdoor run fashionWhen you are running outdoors, the weather can suddenly turn on you. Lightweight jackets are made of breathable materials that can protect you from wind as well as from drizzly showers. Its water resistant material is ideal for that unpredictable monsoon weather. Perk things up by buying a snazzy color that can add a little spark to the gloomy rainy skies. Since they are made for the erratic weather, you can also pack them into a compact zip pouch if the sun starts to shine again.

Base layer

Merino wool base layer is very comfortable for that long, sweaty session in the park. The material keeps you cool as it wicks the sweat and it is easily stretched that allows you full range of motion. If pure merino wool is out of your budget, you can also consider buying a mixed one.

Wind-proof jacket

This one is another outdoor workout must-have for inclement weather conditions. A good value, wind-proof jacket is also water resistant that protects you against wind and storm. They are not only highly protective but are also comfortable to wear for a long running session. The reflective detailing on these jackets make you visible to traffic, especially if the weather turns unexpectedly.

Quick-dry T-shirts

This is an important addition to your workout clothing, especially for someone who runs outside. The sweat-wicking, quick dry fabric keeps you cool on the tracks. Some designs also have a mesh panel that work as a vent to keep you cooler. Choose variety of colors to add variation to your workout ensemble.


Gym Wear

Gym Look – Where Fitness and Fashion Go Hand in Hand

A lot of women (and men!) need motivation to hit the gym. What if we told you that you can now look every bit a fashionista as you work up that sweat? Luckily for you, the lines between fitness and fashion wear have blurred lately. If that doesn’t work as an inspiration, we don’t know what will! Next time you hit the treadmill, try these new looks!

  • Gym WearTote that gym wear: stride into your gym with confidence, equipped with all your gear. A well stocked gym bag is not only fashionable but also sets you in the right frame of mind to prepare yourself for a workout session. There is nothing that motivated you better than stylish gear. Invest in a trendy, vibrant tote bag and keep it next to your front door as a visual reminder.
  • Lets Sports bra do the work: and we don’t mean the technical work that it is designed to do. Sports bras can not only provide adequate support to your chest, but can also accentuate your body’s upper half! You can buy a bright sports bra that will draw the attention to the right parts of your body.
  • Panty lines are a no-no: It is ok to wear low waist lines and skin fitting clothing. In fact, it is recommended that you wear well fitted gym clothes. However, panty lines can be an eye sore and leave you feeling conscious throughout your sweat session. Buy some low-rise thongs that will stay hidden while you flaunt the best-fitted leggings.
  • Workout wearFashion power of long top: wearing a hip length top will not only cover the parts of body that make you conscious, such as love handles, saggy but and saddlebags, but also gives you freedom to move more freely. Buy a stylish one with T-back for added support and increased style quotient. You can also look for pop colors to feel more energetic.
  • Add length: who doesn’t like to appear a little taller than they really are? What is fashion if it isn’t about creating illusions? A sleek pair of leggings with black sneakers can add length to your legs. A smooth, uninterrupted look is ideal to make you look slim and tall, just what you need from your workout!
  • Gym must-have: black leggings are a fashion must have and can double up as your regular wear and gym wear. They come in all shapes and can really make you believe that your workout is working! It smoothens the look and are incredibly comfortable for a long sweat session.
  • Throw in some color: You can make your gym wear look more interesting and catchy by investing in some colorful sweatbands. They cover your hairline that absorbs all the sweat. Buy a color that highlights your skin tone.

Now that you have expert tips to gear up for your gym, don’t let anything stop you from working that sweat.