Top Fashionable Picks for your Outdoor Run

outdoor run fashion

Not everyone is a gym rat and it is not for everyone to enjoy running on a treadmill. As the summers are here, running outdoors is more enjoyable for some people. It is fun to find new trails, run on different paths every morning and explore new areas in your community to make your workout more versatile. Running on a treadmill can be boring and can be one of the reasons why you do not stick to your daily workout routine.

Choosing to run outdoors is a great step towards making your workout interesting. However, there is another thing that can make your outdoor workout more fun, choosing the right fashionable fitness clothing! There is nothing more exciting than mixing and matching your exercise outfit. However, your workout clothing should not only be stylish but also comfortable and functional.

Wondering what to wear for your morning runs? Here are some top fashionable picks for 2017.

Patterned tights

There are many popular sports brands that have introduced stylish patterns to suit your outdoor run. They fit snugly and stay put as you run in the park or pound the sidewalks. These super-stretchy comfort fit leggings are designed to absorb sweat and provide your legs the extra ventilation with their mesh panels. You can also find plenty of styles that come equipped with zip pockets so that you can store your change or keys as you go for the jog. Choose the color that complements your skin tone and get ready to take the running tracks by storm.

Lightweight jacket

outdoor run fashionWhen you are running outdoors, the weather can suddenly turn on you. Lightweight jackets are made of breathable materials that can protect you from wind as well as from drizzly showers. Its water resistant material is ideal for that unpredictable monsoon weather. Perk things up by buying a snazzy color that can add a little spark to the gloomy rainy skies. Since they are made for the erratic weather, you can also pack them into a compact zip pouch if the sun starts to shine again.

Base layer

Merino wool base layer is very comfortable for that long, sweaty session in the park. The material keeps you cool as it wicks the sweat and it is easily stretched that allows you full range of motion. If pure merino wool is out of your budget, you can also consider buying a mixed one.

Wind-proof jacket

This one is another outdoor workout must-have for inclement weather conditions. A good value, wind-proof jacket is also water resistant that protects you against wind and storm. They are not only highly protective but are also comfortable to wear for a long running session. The reflective detailing on these jackets make you visible to traffic, especially if the weather turns unexpectedly.

Quick-dry T-shirts

This is an important addition to your workout clothing, especially for someone who runs outside. The sweat-wicking, quick dry fabric keeps you cool on the tracks. Some designs also have a mesh panel that work as a vent to keep you cooler. Choose variety of colors to add variation to your workout ensemble.


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