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Gym Wear

A lot of women (and men!) need motivation to hit the gym. What if we told you that you can now look every bit a fashionista as you work up that sweat? Luckily for you, the lines between fitness and fashion wear have blurred lately. If that doesn’t work as an inspiration, we don’t know what will! Next time you hit the treadmill, try these new looks!

  • Gym WearTote that gym wear: stride into your gym with confidence, equipped with all your gear. A well stocked gym bag is not only fashionable but also sets you in the right frame of mind to prepare yourself for a workout session. There is nothing that motivated you better than stylish gear. Invest in a trendy, vibrant tote bag and keep it next to your front door as a visual reminder.
  • Lets Sports bra do the work: and we don’t mean the technical work that it is designed to do. Sports bras can not only provide adequate support to your chest, but can also accentuate your body’s upper half! You can buy a bright sports bra that will draw the attention to the right parts of your body.
  • Panty lines are a no-no: It is ok to wear low waist lines and skin fitting clothing. In fact, it is recommended that you wear well fitted gym clothes. However, panty lines can be an eye sore and leave you feeling conscious throughout your sweat session. Buy some low-rise thongs that will stay hidden while you flaunt the best-fitted leggings.
  • Workout wearFashion power of long top: wearing a hip length top will not only cover the parts of body that make you conscious, such as love handles, saggy but and saddlebags, but also gives you freedom to move more freely. Buy a stylish one with T-back for added support and increased style quotient. You can also look for pop colors to feel more energetic.
  • Add length: who doesn’t like to appear a little taller than they really are? What is fashion if it isn’t about creating illusions? A sleek pair of leggings with black sneakers can add length to your legs. A smooth, uninterrupted look is ideal to make you look slim and tall, just what you need from your workout!
  • Gym must-have: black leggings are a fashion must have and can double up as your regular wear and gym wear. They come in all shapes and can really make you believe that your workout is working! It smoothens the look and are incredibly comfortable for a long sweat session.
  • Throw in some color: You can make your gym wear look more interesting and catchy by investing in some colorful sweatbands. They cover your hairline that absorbs all the sweat. Buy a color that highlights your skin tone.

Now that you have expert tips to gear up for your gym, don’t let anything stop you from working that sweat.

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