Benefits of Microfiber Cooling Towels

Benefits of Microfiber Cooling Towels

Now that the temperature is going to soar with every passing day, we often find a reason to not hit the tracks or go to the gym everyday. The summer heat is almost too unbearable as it is and to top it off, the thought of working out can leave the best of us discouraged. Not only that, lack of proper preventive measures and exposure to excessive heat can also result in heat-related sickness.

Benefits of Microfiber Cooling TowelsDuring workout, our body releases a lot of heat. In order to regulate that temperature, our body sweats profusely. If you are under intense heat stress, you are not only easily fatigued but can also lead to under-performance in the gym or during sports, affecting your endurance in general.

There are many ways to cool your body down safely when your body is flushing from sweat. The most efficient method used by gym-goers and athletes to cool down their bodies after a heat session is to use a microfiber cooling towel that is not only effective but also inexpensive. Microfiber cooling products such as neckbands, towels, bandannas etc. use a special kind of fabric that can hold water better than regular towels. Since they are also incredibly soft to touch, this makes them a popular choice amongst athletes. It is very easy to activate their cooling mechanism by dipping in cool water.

Here are some benefits of using a cooling towels for your workout session:

  • Microfiber cooling towels use highly evaporative technology that is capable of retaining its cool temperature and provide instant relief to an over-heated body. The technology used in these towels allow the fabric to absorb moisture and sweat and activate the cooling system to offer prolonged refreshing effect.Benefits of Microfiber Cooling Towels
  • When your body releases excessive heat and sweat, it makes you feel dizzy and dehydrated due to loss of water. However, with the cooling effect of a microfiber cooling towel, its thermo-regulation helps your body cool down and allows you to perform better in the field or in a gym. For many athletes and gym-goers, the use of cooling towels has helped them improve their performance.
  • The cooling towel is designed in such a way that it stays dry to touch but is still cool as its strong fabric holds the moisture in. You can just wrap it around your neck to let the fabric absorb the moisture as it keeps you and the towel cool.
  • These low maintenance cooling towels are a workout must-have as they are easily machine washed and made for long term use.

While cooling towel does a great job in keeping the athletes and exercisers cool during their sweat sessions, it is also important to stay well hydrated and drink plenty of fluids. You should drink at least 2 cups water after every hour. Dress lightly if you are going to indulge in high-intensive physical activity. If you feel dizzy due to heat or extremely fatigued, be sure to seek medical attention immediately.

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